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Use the dashboard below to search for a tool to help you with climate risk management, or some part of the climate risk management process (e.g. vulnerability assessment, adaptation option appraisal). All tools have been handpicked for their relevance to the Caribbean.

Once you’ve decided which tool is right for you, download and start using it! Case study information is provided where available. Please share your experiences of using the tool by contacting site administrator, IT Support, at it-support AT

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Tool type (explanation) Context
Articulation of objectives and plan for your activity/project. Lay the groundwork by establishing a baseline. Understand the wider economic, social, environmental situation in which this activity will be undertaken

Vulnerability assessment
Considers exposure, sensitivity and adaptive capacity with regard to climate change

Risk assessment
The evaluation of the consequences and likelihood of an event

Adaptation option identification
A process for finding solutions to vulnerability

Adaptation option appraisal
A process for comparing, critiquing and prioritising adaptation options

Monitor and evaluate (M&E)
Plans and processes to ensure the success of projects

Awareness raising
A collection of methods used for increasing consciousness of a particular issue

Target audience
Sector Language

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Accessible to non-experts
This tool is written in clear, non-technical language and can be used with minimal or no adaptations when working with non-experts and wider community.

Multi-modular / end-to-end
This tool covers more than one climate risk management analyses modules. The tool won’t require users to look elsewhere for further information or data. If you’re familiar with your planned activity/decision, then you have everything you need to use the tool now.

Free to use
This tool is available at no charge.

User friendly
This tool is clear and easy to understand and follow the process. It provides clear guidance thought the process and gives examples.


Number of tools available: [166]

Tools may become available through broadening your search. Useful supporting information can also be obtained from the CCCCC clearinghouse. Additionally, users are invited to suggest additional tools to include in the CCORAL toolbox. Please send any suggestions to the the CCORAL Team at You may also click here to make a contribution to the clearinghouse.

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