Guidance for non-climate experts

Guidance for non-climate experts

The strength of CCORAL guidance is that it demonstrates how climate impacts and risk management relate to existing Caribbean activities and decision making processes. This section of CCORAL provides high level guidance on how and why climate variability and climate change might be relevant to your activity and/or your general decision making process. It also explores how climate impacts can be managed.

Working through this section should take approximately one hour, depending on the activity you are exploring. No climate-related knowledge or expertise is required.

Choose the guidance most relevant to you by selecting the descriptor below that best describes the activity you are currently exploring and then press the ‘Continue’ button:

   LegislationLaw making or regulation (e.g. an act regulating road development)

   National planningDefining, outlining, and developing a way to meet a country’s goals (e.g. National Transportation Master Plan)

   Strategy/ policyA planned course of action (e.g. road sector policy guidance)

   Programme and/ or projectA discrete action with deliverables (e.g. a road upgrade between the capital and a major port)

  Budget preparation/ evaluation.Allocation of funds (e.g. annual national transportation budget)

CCORAL Version: V 1.7 Last updated: 09/04/2014